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Providing software for airlines

and airports, worldwide, since 1984.

Company Profile:

ICCI-Airline Systems (ICCI-AS) whose focus is on the development and deployment of airport and airline computer systems for passenger, baggage handling and flight information. Having provided system software for airlines and airports worldwide, our position is clear in the market place as a world leader.

Our Departure Control System (DCS) is the most installed DCS in the World. Why? Because it's the best! It's not just a local DCS, but an Airline DCS.

Our Flight Information Display System (FIDS) product started with Pan American World Airways, way back when, and has developed into a great web based system.


ICCI-AS provides some of the most advanced and comprehensive system software in the industry. Our products are utilized in many airlines and airports around the world.

ICCI-AS' reputation is built on experience combined with advanced software modeling, virtual databases,聽Microsoft® Windows™ operating systems, object oriented languages and software development tools.


Everything changes quickly and so does technology. ICCI-AS will see to it that you can smoothly transfer to a new system, in a flexible cost effective way. If you are looking for the best knowledge and care in the air transport applications and data communications, you've come to the right company.
















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